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SUSTech-PKU “Center for Global Large Rivers” Officially Launched
On July 28, 2016, the launching ceremony of the “Center for Global Large Rivers” jointly established by SUSTech and Peking University was held at No. 401 Conference Room of the Administration Building in SUSTech. Guo Yurong, Chairwoman of SUSTech University Council, Chen Shiyi, President of SUSTech, Academician Ni Jinren of Peking University, Wang Lixin, Director-General of Bureau of Water Resources of Shenzhen Municipality, Liu Shui, Chairman of Shenzhen Techand Ecology & Environment Co., Ltd., attended the ceremony. Zheng Chunmiao, Dean of School of Environmental Science and Engineering, chaired the launching ceremony. At the ceremony, Guo Yurong expressed her congratulation on the establishment of the institute. She hoped that while carrying out research on major rivers worldwide, the institute would also study the small rivers in Shenzhen, help the Shenzhen Municipal Government to “regulate water resources and improve water quality”, and provide scientific support for the government in making decisions concerning the governance of water pollution, control of water loss and soil erosion, as well as pollution control. President Chen Shiyi hoped the institute would develop into an international base for collaborative research on rivers led by China and bring out significant achievements with global influence. Later, President Chen Shiyi and Wang Lixin unveiled the plaque of SUSTech-PKU “Center for Global Large Rivers”. The institute would be jointly charged by Academician Ni Jinren and Prof. Zheng Chunmiao. It is reported that the institute would set up an international steering committee and invite top experts in river studies around the world as members of the committee.
Ministry of Environmental Protection and Related leaders of Shenzhen City had an inspection on School of Environmental Science and Engineering
On August 6, the 2015 annual meeting of Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences was held grandly in Shenzhen. Several leaders and experts taking part in the meeting made a special trip to SUSTech and inspectedSchool of Environmental Science and Engineering, and made some suggestions for the developing School of Environmental Science and Engineering. Leaders and experts who came to have an inspection include: inspector Liu Zhiquan (Director) from Science and Technology Division of Ministry of Environmental Protection, Director Liu Hanchu and Planning Office Director, Yang Jun from Shenzhen Habitat and Environment Committee, dean Liu Youhua from Shenzhen Institute of Environmental Sciences, Deputy Secretary Yi Bin from Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences, Professor Li Guanghe from Environmental College of Tsinghua University, Dean Shao Chunyan from Shenyang Academy of Environmental Sciences,  researcher Chen Mengfang from Nanjing Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Director Liu Zhiquan and Director Liu Hanchu and other guests happily visited the campus of SUSTech and related environmental laboratories, and discussed the current development and recent planning of Environmental College with President Zheng Chunmiao, Secretary Hu Qing, Professor Li Hailong, assistant professor Tang Yuanyuan and so on. Director Liu Hanchu also specifically expressed the will to strengthen the strategic partnership with School of Environmental Science and Engineering in the aspects of Shenzhen Water environmental governance and so on.Group photo of distinguished guests for inspectionIt is understood that there were a total of 1,600 delegates all over the country to participate in the annual conference held by Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences in Shenzhen. Professor Zheng Chunmiao, Professor Hu Qing, and Professor Li Hailong from School of Environmental Science and Engineering were invited to attend the conference and respectively made a special report at a special meeting organized by the Soil and Groundwater Professional Committee. Professor Hu Qing shared her opinions on soil pollution top-remediation design; Professor Zheng Chunmiao described the 30-year progress of the dynamics study of international groundwater contamination; Professor Li Hailong presented the latest achievements made by his research team in the aspect of on-site measurement of coastal groundwater discharge.
Strategic Environmental Research Meeting Opens
July 27, Shenzhen, China--The strategic environmental research meeting hosted by the South University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) is held on Monday morning in Shenzhen. This event marks the official launch of the Schoolof Environmental Science and Engineering at SUSTech.Ms. Yurong Guo, Chief of Education Bureau, on behalf of Shenzhen City Government, attended the above activity. The research meeting also invited experts and industry leaders from home and abroad, including Professor Congqiang Liu, Associate Director, National Natural Science Foundationof China (NSFC), Professor Bin Yang,Vice President and Provost, Tsinghua University, Beijing, Professor Li Wan, VicePresident, China University of Geosciences-Beijing, Wenchang Tan, Party Secretary and Associate Dean, Shenzhen Graduate School, Peking University, Professor Steve Gorelick, NAE, Stanford University, USA, Professor Michael Hoffmann, NAE, CalTech, USA, Professor Kevin Jones, Fellow of Royal Society, Lancaster University, UK, Dr. Charlie Andrews, Board of Directors, S.S. Papadopulos & Associates,Inc., USA, Mr. Shui Liu, Chairman of the Board, Shenzhen Techand Ecology &Environment Co., Ltd. , etc.In the meeting,Ms. Han Wei, deputy director of the preparation office, on behalf of Mr. Li Ming, Secretary of the Party Committee of SUSTech and President Shiyi Chen, began by warmly congratulating the official launch of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering. She also pointed out that the launch of the new School at SUSTech is a key strategic move by our university toward its mission of building a world-class institution of higher education and cutting-edge research in Shenzhen. The new school should move fearlessly and strategically by tapping into the global talent pool and the local resources of Shenzhen as China’s epicenter of ingenuity, innovationand entrepreneurship. Then, an introduction was given on the development blueprint of the School by the newly appointed dean, Professor Chunmiao Zheng. Professor Cathy Qing Hu, Director of the Engineering Innovation Center, gave an introduction on the construction of the innovative practice platform. In the following Global Perspectives session, Professor Steve Gorelick, NAE,Professor Michael Hoffmann, NAE, Professor Kevin Jones,Fellow of Royal Society, introduced the development process and construction experience of the Stanford University, California Institute of Technology and Lancaster University. Professor Congqiang Liu introduced the role that National Natural Science Foundation of China plays in the field of environmental science. During the Environmental Research and Innovation session, experts of world leading environmental science colleges and industry leaders from home and abroad proposed positive suggestions.After an actively and profound discussion,the participants reached consensus on the opportunities and challenges of the new School’s development. Current environmental problems are major roadblocks to the healthy, stable and sustainable development of China’s society and economy. As the country’s international influence increases, so does its international obligation in environmental protection. The global demand for well-trained environmental scientists, engineers and managers is expected to grow continuously and steadily. In this context, the launch of the new School of Environmental Science and Engineering at SUSTech is a key strategic move by our university toward its mission of building a world-class institution of higher education and cutting-edge research in Shenzhen. Currently Shenzhen,as well as Guangdong Province, urgently needs a high-quality, innovative, andmarket-driven training ground for environmental human resources. The SUSTech School of Environmental Science and Engineering undoubtedly has a duty andresponsibility to play a major role in it, contributing to both economic development and environmental protection of the region and beyond.In the end of the meeting, Professor Zheng,the Dean, expressed his sincere gratitude for the supports of the friends and colleagues in the audience. " The road ahead is full of toughobstacles, but we shall start over and press on(雄关漫道真如铁,而今迈步从头越)," quoted by the dean . He pointed out that the research meeting further defines the strategic aims and developing goals of the School's future development. This lofty goal and great ambition ensure the goal of the new Environment School, which is to make a difference in the world through great efforts.
Professor Hu Qing on invitation attended the Tenth China Ecological Health Forum
From July 2nd 2015 to July 3rd 2015, the Tenth China Ecological Health Forum was held in Tianjin. Professor Hu Qing from the Environmental Science and Engineering College of SUSTech on invitation attended the forum and made a report on ‘Experience Learning and Prospects of the soil environmental protection in developed countries and regions.Professor Hu Qing introduced the process from the response of soil pollution incidents to the establishment of contaminated site management system in the United States, the Netherlands, Canada, Japan and Taiwan and other countries and regions combined with the market status of contaminated site remediation, existing problems and development of the industry in our country; by summarizing whose experience in the field of restoration funds for the contaminated site, responsibility division and confirmation, managerial and technical system, discussed the new model and methods applicable to the contaminated site restoration in our country.Over the same period, the Soil Pollution Prevention Symposium was held. Professor Hu Qing and Liu Xaofeng, vice chairman of the National Committee of CPPCC and vice chairman of the Central Standing Committee of CPWDP, attended the meeting together. The participants conducted in-depth discussions based on the three constructive proposals putting forward by Chairman Liu Xiaofeng: the first proposal is to hold the two bottom lines of development and ecology, and promote the economy by environment protection; the second proposal is to introduce the "Soil Pollution and Prevention Law’ as soon as possible and deepen the reform by scientific legislation; the third proposal is to control the pollution by relating to water, soil and air. The Soil Pollution Prevention Symposium, a brand forum of CPWDP, has been held for ten times since 2004 when the forum was created until now. Over the years, the forum has been focusing on of the main line of ecological health and ecological civilization, gathered specialists and scholars, managers and decision-makers, and enterprises, academic institutes, discusses the edge-cutting topics of ecology, resources, environment, and health together, aims at promoting the systematic research on ecological health and ecological civilization, and cultivating the public awareness of ecological civilization, and striving to become a scientific frontier, political participation, social exemplary forum. By positive act in the continuous ten years, the forum has generated good political and social influence.
The arrangement of “Underwater Quality 2016” International Academic Conference by the Environmental Science and Engineering College
               Groundwater is one of the most important resources for human survival. Nowadays groundwater pollution is one serious environmental problem among the biggest concerns. Since 1993, the International Association of Hydrological Sciences has successfully held eight “Underwater Quality” International Academic Conferences throughout the world. In 2016 the meeting will be held in Asia and China for the first time. President Zheng Chunmiao from the Environmental Science and Engineering College of SUSTech will be the chairman of the conference.The meeting will gather high-level experts in the field of groundwater research, and exchange successful experience on the groundwater quality monitoring, simulation and management, and explore new ways.The meeting has invited John Cherry, Steven Gorelick, Jean Bahr, famous scholars at home and abroad who expertise in groundwater pollution, as members of International Steering Committee and specially invited to make a report.For more information on the meeting, please pay close attention to the website:
Shenzhen Aorongxin Corporation donates three million Yuan to support the development of the environment disciplinary of SUSTech
On June 17, 2015, Shenzhen Aorongxin Investment and Development Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Aorongxin”) signed a "donation agreement" with SUSTech Foundation for Education. On the day when the agreement was signed, Aorongxin directly donated three million Yuan to support the development of SUSTech in the field of environment protection education, innovation and research.Over the years, Aorongxin has always been adhering the management aim “create value, feedback society”, and the idea that the corporation shall assume more social responsibilities when it grows bigger and stronger, active in public good, love donation in charity and education, into the eco-friendly enterprises, full play to social responsibilities enterprises should assume.The concerning persons in charge of SUSTech says that SUSTech will make the best use of the grants to support the formation and development of Engineering Technology Innovation Center of SUSTech (Beijing) in the early time. The Innovation Center will conduct the research and innovation by technology, product, and process, meanwhile conduct the related teaching and training, key scientific and technological achievements will be on display, promotion and application to society and enterprises, and then achieve the goal of establishing the Innovation Center Brand of SUSTech, and promoting the competitiveness and influence of SUSTech
President Zheng Chunmiao visited University of Illinois
On the invitation of Professor Cai Ximing from University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign, President Zheng Chunmiao from the Environmental Science and Engineering College came to the campus for academic visit and exchange from June 4th to 5th. During his visit, Professor Zheng Chunmiao made an invited lecture of An Integrated Study of Surface Water-Groundwater Interactions in the Heihe River Basin, Northwest China in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and discussed the major achievements of his team in the integrated study of surface water-groundwater interactions in the Heihe River Basin. At the same time, Professor Zheng Chunmiao conducted in-depth exchange with teachers and graduate students from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Professor Zheng Chunmiao is taking pictures in front of the exhibition showcase of groundwater numerical model predecessor—electric stimulation model.During the visit to University of Illinois, Professor Zheng Chunmiao paid a visit to Illinois State Geological Survey and communicated with Researcher Yu-Feng Lin and his research team. He also visited the Open-field Temperature Tracing Providing Ground and Visualization Laboratory for Geology Simulation.Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of University of Illinois and Illinois State Geological Survey are well-known academic research units in the world. Professor Zheng Chunmiao hopes to improve the international cooperation and communication between teachers and students of the Environmental Science and Engineering College of SUSTech and related research team through the visit.