In July 2020, Junguo Liu was elected as Members of Academia Europaea.

In June 2020, the fifth anniversary of the foundation of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering ("School of Environment ") of Southern University of Science and Technology.

In May 2020, Professor Yan Zheng was invited to publish the prospective called "Global solutions to a silent poison" in Science for the elimination of arsenic in drinking water in the World.

In March 2020, Professor Xing Yang serve becomes the dean of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering.


In December 2019, the “Environmental Science and Engineering” major of the School of Environmental Sciences was elected as the “Double Ten Thousand” plan for the first-class undergraduate major construction in Guangdong Province.

In September 2019, Professor Yi Zheng won the 2019 "Outstanding Science and Technology Award of the Chinese Natural Resources Society".

In August 2019, Professor Chunmiao Zheng was elected AGU Fellow.

In August 2019, Assistant Professor Lian Feng won the "Outstanding Award of the Second Young Scientist Award of the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences".

In July 2019, Liu Fuming, the first doctoral graduate (Southern University of Science and Technology-Macao University joint program), became the only outstanding doctoral graduate of the University of Science and Technology of that year.

In July 2019, the undergraduates who majored in "Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering", which are Tian Yiqun and Yao Yao won the title of "Top Ten Graduates" of Southern University of Science and Technology.

In June 2019, Professor Junguo Liu won the China Youth Science and Technology Award and was our school’s first winner of the award.

In February 2019, the opening ceremony of the College Public Platform, which was our school’s first department-level large-scale instrument-sharing platform.

In February 2019, Professor Junguo Liu was nominated as the Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.


In September 2018, Dean Chunmiao Zheng was nominated as a member of the President's Office and the Minister of International Cooperation; Professor Youkuan Zhang served as the Executive Dean of the college.

In July 2018, the first college graduate from the master degree joint program of SUSTech and Harbin Industrial University.

In July 2018, the first undergraduate of “Environmental Science and Engineering” graduated from the School, of which Rongpeng Huang and Libo Song won the title of “Top Ten Graduates” of Southern University of Science and Technology.

In July 2018, the college was granted the first municipal engineering laboratory—Shenzhen Environmental Internet of Things Technology and Application Engineering Laboratory.

In June 2018, Dr. Park Cangyi became the sole winner of the World Meteorological Organization Young Scientist Award that year.


In December 2017, Professor Junguo Liu won the Outstanding Scientific Research Achievement Award of the Ministry of Education - Youth Science Award, which was the first winner in Shenzhen.


In December 2016, the major of “Environmental Science and Engineering” at the School of Environmental Sciences was awarded advanced key major in the Guangdong.

In April 2016, the college was approved by the Shenzhen Municipal Key Laboratory of Municipal Solid Waste Recycling Technology and Management.

In February 2016, the first undergraduate major of the School, "Environmental Science and Engineering" passed the record and approval of the undergraduate major of the general colleges and universities of the Ministry of Education.


In November 2015, the institution was approved as the first municipal key laboratory - Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Soil and Groundwater Pollution Prevention.

In October 2015, the Ministry of Environmental Protection commended the college for participating in the emergency treatment of the "8.12" major explosion accident in Tianjin Port.

In September 2015, the School opened its first curriculum "Global Environmental Issues".

In August 2015, Professor Junguo Liu published a paper about water resources management in Science, introducing scientific frontier issues related to water management in green infrastructure

In July 2015, the college hosted the founding conference which is the first strategic development seminar.

In June 2015, the Engineering and Technology Innovation Center (Beijing) of Southern University of Science and Technology was created, which became the first base which locates outside of SUSTech and the School of Science and Engineering and Shenzhen.

In June 2015, the School of Environmental Science and Engineering (“Environmental College”) of Southern University of Science and Technology was formally founded; Professor Zheng Chunmiao served as Dean of the Founding Institute.