Environmental Science and Engineering

Environmental Science and Engineering is the first bachelor degree program of the school. Teaching of this multidisciplinary degree program covers important environmental issues such as water pollution prevention and control, air pollution control, solid waste disposal, treatment and recycling, ecological conservation, environmental monitoring, environmental quality assessment, environmental planning, natural resources management, etc.

At present, the School has 19 full-time faculty members, eight professors, three associate professors, five assistant professors, and two lecturers. Two faculty are recipients of Outstanding Young Scholars Award from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), one was granted the State Council Special Allowance, one was selected into the National High-level Personnel of Special Support Program, and two are recipients of Excellent Young Scholars Award from NSFC.

The School strives to make Environmental Science and Engineering an internationally recognized degree program. The program will be unique in the following aspects: 

(1) Innovation of engineering sciences.

(2) Coupling of resources, environment and society.

(3) New environmental industries, products, and services targeted.

Critical  faculty of the major: Qing Hu, Chongxuan Liu, Yan Zheng, Baolin Deng,  Jianghong Shi,  Zuotai Zhang, Luke Gibson, Yuanyuan Tang, Junjian Wang, Yu Xia, Shun Li, Weiyi Li, Shusheng Luo, Weihui Qiu.

Hydrology and Water Resource Engineering

Hydrology and Water Resource Engineering is a characteristic specialty in School of Environment. Compared with the conventional hydrology and water resource engineering, features of teaching and talent training include:

(1) Aquatic science from molecule to global dimension;

(2) Emphasize on protection and reasonable utilization of water resources, not the conventional hydrology works development;

(3) Philosophy of system work.

Except for fundamental theory, approach and technology of hydrology and water resource fields, the major highlights frontier and hot water resource and aquatic environment issues, including but not limited to: global climate change and water recycling, global water-energy relations, ecology-hydrology-social economy system, underground water pollution and its prevention, drainage basin pollution and its prevention and control, flowing water pollution and prevention and drainage basin ecological recovery etc. 

The major aims to train talents of scientific research, management and engineering technology with firm fundamental knowledge, outstanding innovation and with systematic thinking. Some students will enter domestic and overseas famous colleges for postgraduate study, some will enter government body, international organizations for work related to water resources and water environment management, and the remaining will enter enterprises of project consultation for employment.

Critical faculty of the major: David Lerner, Chunmiao Zheng, Youkuan Zhang, Hailong Li, Junguo Liu, Yi Zheng, Sujong Jeong,Xingxing Kuang, Shuping Yi, Lian Feng, Yong Tian, Xin He, Jiping Jiang, Linfeng Fan.