School Committees

Academic Committee

Chair: Jinren Ni    Associate Chair: Chunmiao Zheng

Members: Youkuan Zhang, Chongxuan Liu, Yan Zheng, Junguo Liu, Hailong Li, Yi Zheng, Zuotai Zhang, Tzung-May Fu
Secretary: Xiaoli Wang
Responsibilities: Policy-formulation,  review, and assessment  academic matters including tenure and promotion 
Degree Subcommittee
Chair: Chunmiao Zheng    Associate Chair: Yi Zheng
Members: Hailong Li, Junguo Liu, Tzung-May Fu, Chongxuan Liu, Yuanyuan Tang
Secretary: Yuanyuan Su
Responsibilities: Review and approval of the fulfilment of degree requirements for graduate students and other matters related to the granting of graduate degrees
Education Committee
Chair: Baolin Deng  
Members: Yi Zheng, Jianghong Shi, Yuanyuan Tang, Xingxing Kuang, Junguo Liu, Ying Xiong
Secretary: Juan Zhang
Responsibilities:   Development and quality assurance of teaching and training programs for undergraduate and graduate students
Research Committee
Chair: Chongxuan Liu   
Members: Junguo Liu, Zuotai Zhang, Yongqiang Zhang, Luke Gibson, Haiyun Shi
Secretary: Yuanyuan Su
Responsibilities: Planning and  management of major research initiatives for the school
Finance and Resources Committee
Chair: You-Kuan Zhang  
Members: Yi Zheng, Zuotai Zhang, Baolin Deng, Xiaoli Wang
Secretary: Han Yan
Responsibilities: Financial resource planning and allocation
Technology and Entrepreneurship Committee
Chair: Zuotai Zhang  
Members: Qing Hu, Shuping Yi, You-Kuan Zhang, Chongxuan Liu, Yalong Zhang
Secretary: Shuang Ma
Responsibilities: Development and implementation of cooperative projects with the industry and government agencies to promote translational research 
Laboratory Management and Safety Committee
Chair: Yan Zheng  Associate Chair: Ying Xiong
Members: Chongxuan Liu, Jianghong Shi, Yuanyuan Tang, Junjian Wang, Yong Tian, Shusheng Luo, Wenhui Qiu
Safety Supervisor: Juan Zhang
Secretary: Wencheng Ni
Responsibilities: Development and management  of laboratory and computing facilities