Overseas Joint Program

SUSTech-NUS Full Scholarship Joint PhD Project


SUSTech-NUS Full Scholarship Joint PhD Project

The project intends to recruit fully funded PhD candidates, implements joint training in South University of Science and Technology of China and National University of Singapore and double tutorial system, and by tailored training program. Basic study term for PhD candidates is 4 years, during which they'll study doctoral courses in NUS, and finally be conferred Doctorate by NUS.

Funding Method: SUSTech and NUS will fund each PhD candidate with full scholarship and partial living allowance, to an amount to be determined;

Interest of Admission: All disciplines to which SUSTech are oriented;

Applicants' Qualification: English level: TOEFL or IELTS total scores, as well as GRE or GMAT grades, or participated in English level test organized by NUS; any applicant graduated from top-10 universities in mainland China will be exempted from English level test; for details, refer to the requirements of NUS for doctoral admission by visiting the pages of various disciplines.

Procedures for Application

An applicant is required to prepare application materials and submit the same in electronic format to his/her selected SUSTech school/department. After preliminary section by SUSTech school/department by which the applicant is chosen as a candidate, the applicant will be interviewed jointly by SUSTech and NUS. Once joint interview is satisfied, the applicant should complete online application with overseas university in cooperation with the project, and qualified applicant will finally be admitted.

1. Preparation of Application Materials (Download relevant forms in the column “Download Application Form”)

1. Registration Form of Applicants as PhD Candidates for Joint Training by SUSTech and Overseas University

2. Resume or CV (In English)

3. Research Plan (Not more than 2000 words in English)

4. Personal Presentation (Not more than 2000 words in English)

5. Letter of Recommendation of two copies (In English)

6. Scanned copy of transcript (Bearing the stamp of Dean’s Office of the university from which the applicant has been graduated, or seal of personnel administration by which the applicant’s personal data is kept, any other seal shall be invalidated)

7. Scanned copy of transcript indicating the grades of English Test (TOEFL/IETLS and etc)

8. Scanned copy of ID Card

9. Scanned copy of certificate of degree/diploma, documents certifying information on academic degree and school roll from the website about Online Certificates or Diplomas Inquiries and Verifications by the Ministry of Education of PRC and Statement on Qualification Recognition and Verification by the Ministry of Education of PRC, for more details, please visithttp://www.chsi.com.cn/ (Fresh graduates are required to submit scanned copy of Certificate of Studying, submit document proving their degree after pre-admission, and register admission after said certificate and documents are verified authentication)

10. Other materials supporting application (e.g. Thesis, academic paper or other publications published on scientific research journals or session, paten(s), certificate of honor(s), professional certificate(s) and the like in scanned format)

Note: If the applicant is unable to submit above materials, please attach a written statement on the cause thereof. Authenticity and correctness of all supporting documents, including certificate of degree/diploma, must be ensured, and the applicant who submits forged application materials will be binding to any consequence.

2. Submission of Application Materials

1. Deadline

The project of joint training of PhD candidates by SUSTech and overseas university recruits students all the year for admission in Jan and Sep in each year. The applicants may submit application materials at any time.

2. Requirements for Submission

The application is required to submit application materials in electronic format to his/her selected school/department (Send by compressed file)

Format of Email Title: overseas joint training project: SUSTechschool/department-the applicant’s full name

Any email not be entitled as above shall be dismissed.

3. Preliminary Assessment of School/Department

Depending on diverse requirements of the project, the applicant may accept written exam, interview of telephone interview by SUSTech tutor.

4. Joint Interview

An applicant passed screening of application materials and preliminary exam (If arranged) will accept joint interview of SUSTech and overseas university.

5. Official Online Application

An applicant passed joint interview will make official online application on the website of overseas university.

6. Contact Information

Name of School/Department


Recruitment Hotline

Recruitment Email

Department of Physics

Aichen LI



Department of Chemistry

Yueyang TAN



Department of Biology

Yalin PENG



Department of Mathematics

Xianghui YU



Department of Materials Science & Engineering




Department of Electronic & Electric Engineering

Xuefeng ZHANG



Department of Financial Mathematics & Financial Engineering

Rui LI



School of Environmental Science & Engineering

Yuanyuan SU



Department of Oceanography




Department of Mechanics & Aeronautical Engineering

Jinwei YANG



Department of Mechanics & Energy

Huiling HE



SUSTech Graduate School, call 0755-88015888 or email to yzb@sustech.edu.cn

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